Comic Scripts

This page is for various comic book scripts I have written.

Below is a sample script from my webcomic Shock Value.

Shock Value: Strip Four

Panel 1:
Wolfman and Mummy drool over the Bride of Frankenstein.

Caption: Auditions for the monsters' new movie.

Wolfman: You’re hot, you’re a star, and you don’t say much. You’re hired!

Mummy: MMMM!

Panel 2:
Frankenstein approaches the Bride.

Frankenstein: Why… you… leave…

Bride: HISS!!!

Panel 3:
Dracula: But it’s only one girl. Do you have any friends?

Wolfman: Yeah, and are they hot, and can there be like, one for each of us!

Panel 4:
Dracula smacks the Wolfman.

Dracula: Quiet fool! If she has friends, they will be mine, the new brides of Dracula!

Panel 5:
Wolfman shakes off the hit.

Wolfman: Ok ok... can you let me watch?

Panel 6:
Two other girls walk in. One of them is Jackie, a tough party girl, and Reina, a quite slightly gothic girl, who I see eventually having a romance with the mummy.

Jackie: Oh hell no! You didn’t tell me you ex-man was here. Well, as long as we get paid it’s all good.

Wolfman (Off Panel): BINGO!!!
The script below is from page 9 and 10 of my black and white horror comic,
Classic Horror Comics: Bride of Prometheon.

Page 9 (5 Panels)

Panel 1:
A campfire scene. Many people, including Mary, and Brad are present. Elizabeth and her child are not there. Brad is in the center. One of my favorite scenes in any horror movie is the campfire scene in Friday the 13th part 2 where they tell the story of the local legend of Jason. I want to mimic this scene here.

1. Brad: I’m sure you've heard the stories about Chrysalis. It was run for years by a Dr. Clive. Did research for the government until the crash in 29. Thing is, they say that the government was going to shut down the lab anyway. Dr. Clive started associating with the Reds. Then there were the rumors...

2. Random Person: What rumors?

Panel 2:
Panels 2-4 focus on Brad telling the story.

3. Brad: There were reports of horrible experiments. Elizabeth’s husband used to work there. One day last year, he disappeared.

4. Random person: What happened?

Panel 3:

5. Brad: Don't know really. Best I can understand from Elizabeth is that he went back to the lab for some reason, maybe looking for work. One day something scared Elizabeth so much that she just about lost her voice. Sometimes she tries to tell me something, but I can't understand what. Lab's supposed to be abandoned now, but some say that Dr. Clive is still in there, continuing his evil work.

Panel 4:

6. (Off Panel) AHHH!!!

7. Mary: What was that!?!

Panel 5
People gathered around Elizabeth, who is on the ground holding her son.

8. Brad: Oh no, it’s Timothy! He's dead.

James Murray

Page 10 (6 Panels)

Panel 1:
The next morning Brad, Mary, Elizabeth, and other residents are gathered around a shallow grave. Mary is comforting Elizabeth, Brad has his right hand on his heart and a book in his left hand.

1. Brad: Well I’m not a preacher but… we’re here in honor of… our friend Timothy…. we return him to the earth… ashes to ashes, dust to dust. We just hope he’s in a better place now.

Panel 2:
Elizabeth has knelt down to Timmy’s grave as Brad embraces Mary. If possibly show people walking away in the background.

2. Mary: Oh it’s horrible. I can’t bear to see these children starve.

3. Brad: I know. I wish we could do more. But now that I’m working at the WPA things will get better.

Panel 3
Mary leaves Brad’s embrace.

4. Mary: Brad… I’m going to go to Chrysalis.

5. Brad: Mary you can’t. You know what people say about that place.

6. Mary: Oh Brad those are just folktales. You can’t believe every rumor you hear.
Remember how our father used to warn us against believing such weird tales.

Panel 4
Mary angrily walks away from Brad.

7. Brad: Well look what happened to Elizabeth’s husband. He just disappeared.

8. Mary: We don't know what happened to him. All I know is we're dying here and if there's something I can do to help I need to do it.