Classic Horror Comics: Curse of the Mummy's Stone

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Relive the Golden Age of Monster Movies in Classic Horror Comics: Curse of the Mummy's Stone. Famed American adventurer Howard Rider uncovers an ancient mummy's tomb. While it may seem like just another day of adventure, what is he really looking for, and what deadly forces lurk behind his find? Classic Horror Comics simulates seeing a monster movie during Hollywood's Golden Age, complete with pre-show news footage before the black and white feature presentation of terror!

Curse of the Mummy's Stone just got a 4.5 out of 5 review from Decapitated Dan on Comic Related.

Below is an excerpt from the review.

"The story is done very nicely, and captures that feeling and dialogue of this time period. Hell I would have thought that this was an adaptation of a movie that came out back then. This team brought a comic to life that was just a treat to read. It's not everyday you get a mummy comic, or even see one done so well. I was wrapped up in how good this one was from start to finish! - Dying Breath 4.5 out of 5.0"

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The Gathering: True Ghost Stories includes a short story called Hands written by me. You can buy the comic here.

This was also mentioned along with my other projects in the Comics Experience blog which can be read here.

Classic Horror Comics: Bride of Prometheon.

While America lies in the depths of the Great Depression, siblings Brad and Mary struggle to survive in a shanty town surrounded by starving children. Will the Chrysalis Laboratory provide salvation, or does a greater horror await? Thrill to the Frankenstein like tale set in Great Depression America, Bride of Prometheon!

Classic Horror Comics mimics seeing a monster movie during the Golden Age of Cinema. See previews and news on mysterious events in the city, then, if you dare, see the feature presentation that is Bride of Prometheon! Story by James Murray, with art by industry veteran Louis Manna!

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Below is a preview of Bride of Prometheon.