Personal Links

Hardcoal Studios Blog.
My personal blog where I review movies, write about crossovers, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and updates on personal projects.

My Youtube Channel
Check out my short film The Door, along with some poems and musical friends.

My Tumblr account.

Deviant Art
My Deviant Art account. Includes Yarrum Samej number 1, an old poetry comic book I did a while back.

Lou Manna.
Industry veteran and artist of Bride of Prometheon.

Peppermint Monster
Artist/illustrator behind Shock Value

The River Poets,
Poetry club in Bloomsburg PA. This is where I started reading poetry.

JoAnne Growney
River Poet founder, author of mathamatical poems.

If I had a Minute to Sparei
My friend Connor O' Reily, Irish poet writing out of South Korea.