"Normal: The Last Ride of a Poet." My final poetry collection is now available.

My final poetry collection can be bought here.

"Almost Normal," The First Complete Collection of Poetry by James Murray

"Almost Normal" is my first poetry book.The poems cover my travels and various experiences from around the world. Below is a sample poem from the collection.

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Almost normal is available at

Poet's House
10 River Terrace
Mahnhatten/New York City, near Battery City Park

.....and for a second I see myself passing in the road across from me.
My past self embarking on my now finished trip asks me how it was.
I smile and remember just how he felt
in the wonder and excitement of starting a new adventure.

At beginning I ponder the inevitable end
and sense that moment in time when the adventure is over.
In the highway across from me I see myself coming back.
We wave to each other on the open road,
and he tells me how good it was;
how good the life was I’m about to live.....