On August 3rd I was on the cover of the Shamokin newspaper the News Item.

The article can be read online here.
Curse of the Mummy's Stone 4.5 out of 5 review. From Decapitated Dan on Comic Related.

"The story is done very nicely, and captures that feeling and dialogue of this time period. Hell I would have thought that this was an adaptation of a movie that came out back then. This team brought a comic to life that was just a treat to read. It's not everyday you get a mummy comic, or even see one done so well. I was wrapped up in how good this one was from start to finish!"

Comics Experience Blog: Made the news on the Comics Experience blog for my short story in The Gathering as well as my other projects. CE offers comics writing courses that I took. Also a fellow CE alum made it into Dark Horse Comics Presents.

Comics Experience Blog

Decapitated Dan Podcast Interview: In this interview Decapitaded Dan asks me about all my projects. This same interview is available at several different links, all listed below. By the way it has a really cool intro.


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